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Image Product Quantity Price
Socket Set / 82 Piece

82-piece luggage set 1/4 "1/2"

N/A 47,50 EUR / piece
Complete assembly line (semi-new) pre-stressed beams

Complete production line of pre-stressed beams.Line semi-new, practically new.provide complete list of equipment.The price does not include disassembly or transportation.Equipment available.We can schedule site visit to the factory.

1 950.000,00 EUR / piece
Industrial warehouse for rent or sale (Portugal) Rent 5 euros/sqm

Set of warehouses in the same place with a total of 9600 square meters more land with an area of ​​ more 9000 square meters.We can make transfer of facilities to the partnership.

9600 5,00 EUR / piece
Manufacturing Plant-Ceramic Tile

Complete line of ceramic tile production.Production of 30,000 tiles per dayPrice does not include disassembly or transportation.Equipment immediately available.May be made factory visit.

1 1.450.000,00 EUR / piece
Ceramic tile Made in Portugal

we export large quantities of roof ceramic tiles. 12 pieces for sqm (m2).

300000 0,40 EUR / piece
Full grill made ​​in Portugal

It contains all the accessories as shown in picture. sizes 2.16x3.95x0.60

30 1.990,00 EUR / piece
Portuguese Floor Tiles

Floor ceramic tiles - size 33mm x 33mm - First quality only

300000 4,37 EUR / piece

We have the most varied solutions of wooden houses, Build in Nordic Pine. thickness 44mm. 2 units (same model).Include transport to any European Country.

N/A 14.750,00 EUR / piece
2- 3Container hand, electrical, garden, and machine tool

Here I offer them a variety of container about 2-3 hand, electric, wall plugs, garden tools and machines to about 460 plumbing fixtures, toilet seats, time required,Garden furniture and a lot of power toolsSum 400.000 €

2 46.000,00 EUR / piece
German Quality Dekor Tiles

German Quality Dekor Tiles consisting stock Take all for only for the 13% of the retail price. The moldings are brand new, original packed. In PDF and EXCEL format can be downloaded more information about typs and quantity. 82000 pieces - 10 pallets Tha pric...

82000 23.500,00 EUR / piece
Wilo IL100/250/5.5/4 Wilo TOP-S 50/15

Brand new ! Wilo IL100/250/5.5/4 : 2pcs , 2000 euro/pcsWilo TOP-S 50/15 : 1 pcs, 1000 euro/pcs

3 5.000,00 EUR / piece

Non touch car wash firm FERWASH, year of production 2000. Car wash is completely proficient not require in very technical practicability no financial contribution. Firm construction, all elements of car wash are executed stainless steel type INOX. Imported from Italy, cap...

7 16.399,00 EUR / piece