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Egypt Party Items (1184 pcs.)

Price 2.500,00 EUR / piece
Available quantity 3
Minimum order N/A
Location Netherlands
Grade Retour-ware

Egypt Party Items (1184 pcs.) Consisting of: - 96x Egypt Cleopatra Barque. - 29x Egypt Pyramid Trinket Box. - 94x Egypt Temple Building. - 103x + Egypt Boat Building Statue. - 2x Egypt Oris Temple. - 38x Egypt Nefertiti Bust 25cm. - 175x Egyptian pen and base. - 65x Egypt Osiris Temple. - 74x Egypt was Cleopatra. - 70x Egypt Goddess Isis gold. - 52x Egypt Anubis on Box gold. - 65x Gold Sphinx Egypt. - 59x Gold Queen Nefertiti Egypt. - 65x Gold Bastet Egypt. - 63x Egypt Pharaoh Gold. - 108x Egypt Krat2 Sobek / Tutank / Obel. - Mix 15x Egypt items. Total: 1184 Pcs. Retail Value: 57000.00 E. Volume: 4 block pallets. See attached Stock List!

This lot contains [X] pallets.

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