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The Breast Sense Self Examination Glove Kit

Price 0,30 GBP / piece
Available quantity 97
Minimum order N/A
Location United Kingdom
Grade A-Ware

97,200 ALL BRAND NEW UNOPENED SHELF LIFE 7 YEARS THESE SELL FOR £14.99 PER PACK OUR PRICE is 30p PER PACK The Breast Sense self-examination glove is an invaluable aid for women that is designed to increase the sensitivity of the fingertips whilst performing a monthly breast examination. The unique magnifying sensation of this gel filled glove enhances the ability of to feel even the smallest changes or irregularities. The Breast Sense glove allows the fingers to glide smoothly over the skin making self-examination easier and more thorough. The Breast Sense self-examination glove is latex free, non-toxic and reusable. Be Breast AwareBreast cancer is the most common cancer found in women today - at present over 40,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed every year in the UK. That’s one woman every fifteen minutes! Early detection of breast cancer means a patient has more treatment choices and a much better chance of recovery! In some cases early detection can increase survival rates by up to 90% . Three steps for early detection of breast cancer are recommended by medical experts worldwide:Monthly self-examination starting from the age of 20. A clinical breast examination by a qualified physician every three years to age 40, and each year thereafter.A mammogram at age 50 and every 3 years thereafter.

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