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66°North - Kids-Mix stock lot

Price On request
Available quantity N/A
Minimum order N/A
Location Germany
Grade A-Ware

Fall- / Winter-Mix KIDS, total 14 pcs.JUST COMPLETE: € 450,00 + €15,00 EU-shippingtotal sales price: € 937,00K16046 Andvari: 989er 1x 140, 2x 152, 1x 164 K16042 Askur: 570er 1x 140, 1x 164K16110 Rán Two Zip: 900er 2x 140, 2x 152, 1x 164K46100 Rán Pants: 900er 1x 140, 1x 152, 1x 164

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